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The British Hillclimb Championship and BMTR Announce Continued Avon Tyre Supply for the 2024 Season

The British Hillclimb Championship (BHC) and Birmingham Motor Tyres Ltd (BMTR) are pleased to announce a partnership, securing the supply of Avon Tyres for the 2024 season.

Cooper-Avon announced the closure of its Melksham factory last year, which will result in all production activity ceasing in December 2023. Avon Tyres have been loyal sponsors of the BHC since 2012 and also long-term suppliers of specialist Hillclimb tyres across both the UK and Europe for many years.

BHC Championship Coordinator, Tim Wilson said "We have worked closely with Cooper-Avon and BMTR for a number of months and are delighted with the outcome, having been faced with the prospect of no specialist tyres after the end of the 2023 season. This partnership will ensure a level playing field in respect of tyres for the 2024 season, with all registered BHC competitors being required to run on Avon tyres. Tyres in the class-based BHC Cup will remain free."

BMTR played a leading role in securing this arrangement. Paul Nicholls, BMTR Operations & Motorsport Director said "We have agreed a range of tyres with Avon and will have sufficient stock available to supply both the BHC and the wider UK Hillclimb community throughout 2024 as part of our continued commitment and support to the sport."

James Weekley, General Manager Motorsport – Cooper Tire & Rubber Company Europe ltd. said "We are proud of our long relationship with the British Hillclimb scene and sponsorship of the BHC. We are therefore delighted to be able to help BHC organisers with a supply of Hillclimb tyres for the 2024 season through our UK dealer, BMTR."


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