On Road. On Track. On Avons.

Established in Britain in 1885, Avon Tyres has a rich and storied history in the tyre industry. Over the decades, the company has produced tyres for cars, vans, motorcycles and more. Not only has Avon proven its performance on the road, but also on race tracks and courses around the world – on two wheels as well as four.

Based in Melksham, England, Avon has developed an extensive range of premium road tyres for various conditions. Alongside this, a dedicated motorsport division, housed in the same headquarters, works relentlessly to develop cutting-edge racing products.

Hillclimb pedigree

Avon Tyres has over 35 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing championship- winning Hillclimb tyres. Avon’s tyres are specifically engineered to tackle Hillclimb challenges, including relatively short run distances and the need to rapidly reach optimum temperatures.

2019 was another successful year for Avon with outright victory in championships across the globe, including the overall FIA European Hillclimb Championship and wins in several national championships – spanning Britain, France, Italy and Austria.

2020 marks the launch of Avon’s most comprehensive range of Hillclimb products to date, comprising new sizes, compounds and constructions specifically designed for the British Hillclimb Championship, together with a range optimised for Europe’s longer hills and warmer climates.
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