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BHC Esport Championship: Your Chance to Race!

As this season draws to a close, we are introducing a new form of racing championship. A first for the BHC. In a bid to create a more diverse and growing crowd to our much-loved Hillclimb events we are giving the general public a chance to race alongside the BHC virtually. Introducing the BHC Esport Championship, provided by the McEntee Racing Team (MRT33). When spectators attend this year’s Championship finale at Loton Park near Shrewsbury this weekend 25/26 September 2021, as well as selected events in 2022 they will find the Esport gazebo located close to the action. MRT33 has provided a full Esport set up with two racing simulators to give you a chance to race on a closed road Hillclimb, driving a single seater race car.

Sign up to the championship at the event and try your hand at being a racing driver. The person who sets the fastest time across the combined 2021/2022 season will be invited to drive a real-life race car courtesy of the McEntee Racing Team. With 110BHP and weighing only 330KG you have the chance to feel the rush of driving a race car. Under 17s are also welcome to experience the thrill of the simulator and we expect that the championship will be of great excitement to young children too. Not only are we offering this fantastic opportunity to actually drive a Hillclimb single seater we are also offering the chance to compete in our brand new fully virtual Winter Championship. With plans to have fans racing alongside competing drivers in the first ever BHC Esport Winter Championship. The Championship is run by two university students who we believe follow our unified goal of attracting new fans to BHC events and inspiring a new generation as they experience the excitement in our fantastic sport. Watch out for further announcements over the coming months.

We hope that you are intrigued by these exciting first steps into a new direction for the BHC. We want to assure you that we are as committed as ever to bring you not only the best on track action but also off-track engagement and entertainment. This new move will bring racing to your screens across the Winter and provide amazing opportunities for you, the fans of our sport, to be more involved than ever before.


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