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Motorsport UK reappoints BARC to run the British Hillclimb Championship

Following several months of speculation you will have, by now, heard that Motorsport UK is issuing a new contract for the BARC to run the British Hillclimb Championship. The club submitted its proposal with various recommendations regarding the direction in which it wishes to take the championship and Motorsport UK has commended the club for its proposals.

In the proposal and tender documents, the BARC recommended and named a steering committee which will now take responsibility for the running of the championship. This is chaired by Ian Watson (GM of BARC) alongside Tim Wilson (Championship Coordinator) and Jackie Wilson (Championship Administrator). They will be joined by former Midland Automobile Club Operations Manager Robin Webb and ex Bugatti Owners’ Club General Manager Stuart Webster. Tim will continue in his role as Championship Coordinator and will remain visible at event weekends.  Robin will take the lead for promotional & marketing activities with Stuart taking responsibility for sponsorship and commercial activities. Jackie will remain the first point of contact for all competitors and administrative matters.

Most importantly, for both competitors and venues, we are pleased to confirm that the previously discussed provisional calendar for next year will remain unchanged and our immediate attention will be focused on commercial activities and the general ‘visibility’ of the championship. You will see the evidence of this increased focus during the next season.


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