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FIA Hillclimb Masters 2021 – Meet the Drivers – Wallace Menzies

Name: Wallace Menzies

Home Town: Alloa

Competition Car: Gould GR59M – 3.3 Cosworth XD

Motorsport History

When Wallace took his first steps into the sport back in 1999 nobody would have predicted where he would end up just over twenty years later. Those first steps were in a Subaru Impreza in the Scottish Sprint Championship at Kames where, in Wallace’s own words, he was “soundly thrashed” by Alistair Gray. With what was to follow Alistair must be some driver!

Encouraged by good friend and Westfield driver Stuart Dow a Westfield was built up in 2001/2, initially with a 1700cc Ford Crossflow engine. The engine was soon swapped for a Suzuki Hayabusa and better results started to come, often when competing in the same class as his wife to be Nicola. What an interesting dynamic that must have been!

The first single-seater was commissioned from DJ Race Cars in 2006. The DJ Firehawk hit the tracks in what was to prove a stop start few years. It would be fair to say that the engine(s) proved to be a little fragile, with the car being fitted with power plants from 1.3 to 1.6 litre and even a supercharger. Reliability was certainly difficult to find and Wallace ordered his first unlimited capacity car in 2009 in the form of a DJ Firestorm fitted with a normally aspirated Cosworth IndyCar engine. Wallace really started to show some form in this car.

A move to Gould was made with the purchase of the ex-Martin Groves British Championship winning GR55 – NME in 2014, which he initially shared with “Tommy” New, who also prepared the car. More good results followed and the current Gould GR59M was delivered in 2017. Development was a little slower than first expected but wins were not far away. 2019 proved to be the real breakthrough year with Wallace being crowned British Champion for the first time.

2021 has proven to be a quite brilliant year for Wallace in what developed into a classic year for British Hillclimbing. Wallace has managed to secure the unthinkable, the double of the British Hillclimb Championship presented by Avon Tyres and the class based BHC Cup presented by Footman James. Seventeen run-off wins and never off the podium – remarkable!

It has been a season of record breaking too which has seen Wallace break the outright record at five British Championship venues; Gurston Down, Doune (briefly!), Shelsley Walsh (even more briefly!), Prescott and Loton Park. A remarkable achievement by the team led by Tommy and ably supported by Duncan & Russ. He couldn’t have done it without you guys!

Masters Experience

This will be Wallace’s third FIA Masters having competed at both Strenberk (Czech Republic) in 2014 and Gubbio (Italy) in 2018.

While in Braga Wallace is looking forward to the banter, the camaraderie and being part of a team.

Non-Motorsport Fact

Many will be surprised to learn that Wallace holds a gold bar in Latin American ballroom dancing. Watch those feet when you next see him!

Braga Fact

Look out for Wallace’s team in Braga. The whole team, together with family will be there. Wallace’s in-laws will also be attending and have taken on the role of the advance party. If you are in Braga stay close as I am sure that they will have done their research into the best bars and restaurants!


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