News from FIA Hill Climb Masters, Eschdorf – Saturday

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All UK Drivers arrived safely at Eschdorf, Luxembourg ready for the FIA Hill Climb Masters at varying times on Thursday 9th October. Scrutineering and hill familiarisation  was successfully carried out on Friday with all the UK contingent parked up together. The event is nothing like anything previously seen in the UK and has been a great experience for all concerned. As well as the drivers and their usual entourage we also have Billy Cater, Ralph Pindar, James Wills, Paul Webster, Darren Gumbley, Roger Warren, The Danby's including Rich representing ZIPP Photography, and others too numerous to mention, congratulations to them all for making this momentous trip! A few photos are below.


On a sad note though, David Gould and David Grace were involved in a serious car accident on the way to the event. David Gould was released from hospital late last night but David Grace has more serious injuries and is still in hospital in Luxemborg. Some of the UK drivers went to the hospital to visit David Grace late Friday night and found him in good spirits, we know you will all want to wish him well, and hope for a speedy recovery! David Grace was instrumental in making this event happen.


At the time of posting the drivers are getting ready for their first practice, they are scheduled to be at pre -start around 10.30 but at present the area is shrouded in fog which may delay proceedings.


For up to date Press Releases on the event please keep an eye on the FIA website as our postings may be erratic due to varying internet access.

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